Uplift By Robern Is The Medicine Cabinet For The Connected Home


Let’s face it, medicine cabinets aren’t made for modern bathrooms.  For the most part, they’re still stuck in an era where people didn’t have electric toothbrushes or got text messages while sitting at the toilet.   Robern’s new Uplift just might be the medicine cabinet that brings this traditional bathroom storage into the digital age.

It looks much like any stylish medicine cabinet, laden with design cues that complement updated bathroom styling.  Instead of side-hinged doors, the mirror lifts up with the slight push of a finger to reveal the inner compartments, much like many of today’s urbane, over-the-sink cabinets.

The Uplift by Robern, however, is more than just a fashionable bathroom fixture, positioning itself as the cabinet for today’s wired home.   Behind the four-foot wide mirror are six power outlets, where you can comfortably recharge your electric toothbrushes and shavers, without making a mess of wires in the counter.  Personally, I’d probably plug a DAB in there permanently and enjoy some internet radio while performing my morning rituals.

Optional features include pendant lights on the side and an LCD mount, in case you want to enjoy TV while you brush your teeth.  The stylish and connected Uplift from Robern is available now with prices starting at $2,000.

[via DVICE]