Urban Pac Hides A Stable Soccer Goal For Impromptu Pickup Games

You’re always ready for a quick pickup soccer game.  Soccer cleats?  Check.  Ball?  Check.  Shin guards?  If necessary, not a problem.  A goal that won’t fly off when you hit it with a hard shot?  Well, except that.  Don’t worry, that can change with the Urban Pac, a backpack with a built-in deployable goal.

Made by Golme, the rucksack features a hidden goal in the bottom that you can quickly deploy when needed.  It uses the company’s Shield Anchor System, which employs a dynamic skeleton shell to connect the goal to the backpack, allowing the weight of the bag’s contents to absorb the impact of even the hardest shots.  The heavier the contents of the bag, the stronger the goal will be.

The rest of the Urban Pac is pretty standard backpack stuff, with a spacious main compartment enough to carry your everyday gear.  It features a ball carrier in the exterior (so it doesn’t have to take space inside the main compartment), no-slip pattern backing, and durable construction.  The pop-up goal measures 1.5 x 1.5 inches.

With a sturdy net available right from your backpack, you can, literally, get down for a pickup game anywhere — parks, halls, lawns and wherever the hankering for kicking balls into goals comes up.   Granted, it won’t be half as fun as playing on a regulation soccer field, but for most situations, it will do.

Want one?  The Urban Pac is available now from Golme, priced at $49.

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