Urban Shelf Puts A Miniature Fire Escape On Your Wall

Need a wall shelf with a little more personality than the usual generic slabs of wood you can get at IKEA?  How about this Urban Shelf, which takes a miniature fire escape and turns it into a functional storage area.

Got a bunch of action figures looking for a home?  This looks like the perfect place to showcase them.  Imagine a fire escape scene with your Ninja Turtles action figures battling four Freddy Kruegers in a nightmarish setting.  Or Batman pursuing random thugs trying to escape a crime scene.  Or Barbie dolls led astray to a life of crime tricking in the back alleys.  Or something like those.

No interest in toys?  Not a problem, as the Urban Shelf should play just as attractive a host for your potted cactuses, books and whatever other supplies less-geeky people put in  shelves.  Plus, you have to love the product page write up, which shamelessly pimps it as a perfect home accent for both “homegrown and transplanted big city hipsters.”

Construction is epoxy-coated steel, with dimensions spanning 12 x 3.75 x 25.5 inches (l x w x h).  And if that rack space isn’t enough for all your stash, just add some hooks onto the ladders and use it to hang a full load of knick knacks (we can’t guarantee it will still look this good, though).

The Urban Shelf is currently on backorder at Chiasso, with shipments scheduled to roll out December.  Price is $98.

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