Urbancase Melli Compact Lounge: Medicine Cabinet For Your Alcohol Fix

No use for a medicine cabinet?  Me neither.  Don't worry, the Urbancase Melli Compact Lounge isn't like any ordinary storage area for keeping remedies.  Instead of holding pills and bandages, it's designed to house your greatest ally against anything that ails - your alcohol supply.

Got a headache?  Grab yourself a stiff shot of whiskey.  Got a cold? Alcohol loosens that clogged nose up.  Got pain?  Numb it with a tall glass of your favorite cocktail.

A veritable bar on a wall, the Melli Compact Lounge measures 34 x 23 x 7 inches and offers space for everything you need to mix drinks at home.  It comes with three sets of cocktail glasses, four glasses per kind.  Bar tools also come with the set, including a mixer, a jigger, a strainer, a melding spoon and a cocktail shaker.    Even better, the cabinet door opens downwards, turning into a makeshift table that you can use to prepare the drinks as well as set your glass on while you're enjoying it.

Looking like an innocent medicine cabinet from the outside, it's the perfect storage for closet alcoholics (pardon the pun) who don't want anyone to know where they keep their adult beverages.  It's too bad they didn't add a lock somewhere, though - last thing I want is for grandma to visit and find my stash while looking for a place to set her medication.

The Urbancase Melli Compact Lounge is available for $1,699, complete with glasses and bar tools.  Sad to report, you'll have to fill it up with your own liquor bottles.

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