Urbankind Decks Home Furniture With Colorful Street Art

Buying furniture is boring.  Unless you like boring things that look like they leapt out of a catalog your mother likes, that is.    UrbanKind takes the most uninspired chattels and decks them in colorful graffiti stencil art, giving each one an entirely unique look all its own.

The process is really as simple as it sounds.  They take a random article of furniture and one of the artists (they commission well-known graffiti and urban artists) goes to work, decorating it with the kind of art you see sprayed across trains, billboards and abandoned facades.  The result is a unique piece for your home that’s functional, but nowhere near as dull as what you’d normally get on a trip to Pottery Barn.

Most of Urbankind’s current inventory revolve around standard wood and metal items, like coffee tables, dining tables, bedside tables, cabinets and sideboards.  Pieces range from mid-century chest drawers to vintage oak pedestal desks to contemporary side tables.  In the future, though, they’re hoping to expand into more difficult surfaces, including lamp shades, sofas and soft furnishings.

Current roster of artists include AME 72, Dan Innes and The Department, among others.  Majority are based in London and Brighton, mostly because it’s more convenient for the team.  According to the UK outfit, they’re looking to expand it across the country as a way of helping promote local urban art.

Urbankind calls their work “art décor.”  Personally, I just call it awesome-looking shit.  That sounds less pretentious and, let’s face it, the damn things look crazy awesome.  Do note that their pieces tend to hinge on the expensive, with prices going upwards of £1,000.

[thanks Urbankind]