US Canteen: Ditch Your Bottled Water In Style


Want to refrain from consuming disposable bottled water, but can’t find an alternative that doesn’t cramp your style? Try US Canteen, whose reusable contoured flasks let you carry much needed refreshment almost like you’re wearing a new designer accessory.

As utilitarian as plastic bottles are, their unsavory effects on the environment are more pronounced than ever, spurring a good number of people to seek out better solutions, from boxed water to PET-recycling vending machines. The real solution, of course, is to dispense of PET bottles altogether and for folks to begin toting their own refillable water containers. Unlike typical reusable bottles that look like they’re more at home in a child’s lunch box than a fashionable adult’s person, US Canteen’s products bring style to eco-friendliness in droves.

Based on the U.S. Army’s old-school, one-quart, aluminum M1910 canteen, US Canteen’s version redesigns the military-issue container into a chic and urban number. Too big to reasonably carry, they halved it into a more portable 25 ounces – just the perfect size to be hanging by a strap off one’s shoulder. To maintain the sturdy character, the voguish water bottles are made from medical-grade stainless steel, with additional accoutrements to suit your particular needs.

The basic Canteen is a bare steel container that you can slot in a bag or carry by hand. To facilitate easier handling, they offer three main options that include a carrying container, namely the Como (based on the same shoulder-slung bags soldiers carried their bottles on), the Victoria (a stylish nylon bag with a holed flap) and the Bouchet (an elegant leather bag that houses the canteen safely). All three carriers come in various colors and designs.

With the fashion-friendly US Canteen, there’s really no other reason to keep buying bottled water. Do you have anymore excuses? [US Canteen]

Update: You asked and we listened. Here are some deals on original US canteens.