USAF Commissions Modified Sports Cars With Jet Cockpits For Interiors


Sports car on the outside, jet fighter plane on the inside.  That’s exactly what the US Air Force has done with two new exhibition supercars, namely the X-1 (a modified Ford Mustang) and the Vapor Challenger (a modified Dodge Challenger). As part of the military arm’s latest Project: Supercar campaign, they commissioned Galpin Auto Sports to turn out the souped-up rides, which they expect to help draw crowds to the USAF’s recruitment events.

On the exterior, the cars look much like any tuner ride, sporting scissor doors, carbon-fiber trims, biometric sensors and a host of other modifications.  Inside the cabin, however, is where both vehicles set themselves apart.

Instead of a regular vehicle interior, Galpin outfitted both vehicles with cockpits that resemble the control area of Air Force fighter planes.  The stealth-black Vapor gets a similarly sly dimly-lit traditional cabin, with a dual-seat configuration, two steering wheels and a host of large display panels on the dashboard.  The matte pearl X-1, on the other hand, rocks a predominantly white true-to-form jet cockpit, featuring a center-mounted single pilot seat (complete with an eject option), flight stick (that, we assume, runs a concealed motorized steering wheel) and an undeniably jet-worthy dashboard panel.

Both cars will take the road in the Super Car 2009 Tour, which will visit high schools and USAF-sponsored events to aid in the Air Force’s recruitment campaign.

[Air Force via The Car Connection]