USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner

usb_oil_burnerSome people feel the need to own as many add-ons to the home computer as possible. Some people just like neat computer geek stuff. (myself included, I am not ashamed to confess that.) The latest USB plug-in for the PC is more than a little bit unexpected and unusual than most though. Introducing the rather nifty USB Aroma therapy Oil Burner.

The human sense of smell is possibly the most unusual of the five (or is that six, I think the jury is still out on that) because it actually affects our moods without the conscious mind realizing it. Olfactory neurons are rather sluggish when it comes to absorbing information, but also slower to give it up – which basically means that means the when a scent affects you, it will linger. The perfume ladies in department stores use this kind of scent manipulation a lot of the time, in order to get customer to behave how they want. Now you can manipulate your sniff-cells in your office, or right at home.

The USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner looks just like a standard flash drive, nothing fancy, and just about the same size. It does not use fancy software programs or drivers; there is actually nothing even remotely technical about this little gizmo other than its exterior appearance. All it needs to function is the warmth generated by a computer during normal use.

So basically it is very easy to use. First you add just one drop of the aroma oil that is included onto a small x that is on the top of the gizmo, then it just simply plugs into any USB port you have available. Within a few minutes the soothing smell of lavender should be wafting through the air, relaxing every one in the general vicinity. Actually, it doesn’t have to be lavender, as you can actually use any commercial aroma therapy oil that takes your fancy. The possibilities become endless. Want to make that skinny little thing in this next cubicle break her diet? Slip in a nice apple pie scent and within a half hour she should be rushing to the nearest bakery.


The USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner might be a great valentine gift too. Lasts far longer than your average bouquet of flowers (and actually costs a lot less), requires no watering and has just enough tech chic to qualify as geek worthy.