USB Cooler Cushion Chills Your Butt

Here’s a USB gadget you won’t be borrowing from your cubicle neighbor any time soon: the USB Cooler Cushion.  And it cools your butt down.

Made by Thanko, the cushion is designed to sit sandwiched between your ass and your chair.  Cool to the touch, it will chill your posterior from sweating while it stays glued to your skateboard office chair for hours on end.  Not that we’re accusing you of sweating profusely down there or anything, but something like this could only help, right?

The USB Cooler Cushion is like those ventilated seat thingies you plop down to keep the backside cooled.  Instead of just letting air pass under you, it draws power from the USB port to improve the temperature electronically, guaranteeing heat levels stay low down there even when the AC in the room conks out.  We’re not exactly sure how it performs the cooling part, although it looks like there’s a small rotary fan down there or something.

Butts can drown in sweat, too.  And when soaked too much, it will smell like fish.  No, really.  If you don’t want that happening, then this USB Cooler Cushion is exactly what you need.  Price is listed at ¥2,600 (around $30).