Two For One: USB Desktop Cup Cooler And Warmer

Some USB gadgets are designed to cool your drinks; others look to keep them warm. So why not have a single device that does both? That’s exactly what they did with the Desktop Cup Warmer and Cooler, a versatile tool that can manage your drink’s temperature on both ends of the scale.

No more switching USB devices when you want simmering coffee in the morning and icy soda in the afternoon. Keep this thing right next to your screen and grab the drink you want at the hotness or coldness it’s supposed to be, all without having to do all that hard work of reaching for a plug, saving you a precious five seconds to add to your otherwise hectic day.

Like all USB gadgets, the Desktop Cup Cooler And Warmer draws power from your computer, which it cleverly uses to maintain your favorite beverage’s temperature right where you want it at. The onboard thermodynamic module can warm your cup of hot tea at up to 56°C or keep it refreshingly cold at 13°C. Just make sure you choose the right setting, so you don’t end up with tongue-scalding orange juice or teeth-damaging cold coffee. Unless, that’s how you roll, of course.

Measuring 0.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 (l x w x h), the device’s surface should accommodate most coffee mugs, glasses and 12oz soda cans, so most of your regular in-work sipping proclivities should be serviced well. Should be perfect for heating hard-boiled eggs and cooling candy bars, too, in case you’d rather munch on stuff while rifling through your overcrowded Outlook inbox.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Desktop Cup Warmer and Cooler for $29.95.

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