USB Electric Shaver Saves You From Your Beard

Ever sat in your office cubicle and suddenly realized you look like a bearded homeless guy?  Upon that moment of self-consciousness, the prospect of leaving your tiny work area immediately fills you with disdain.  So much self-loathing, in fact, that you can’t even muster up the courage to walk to the bathroom to shave.  If that’s a frequent occurrence in your worldly existence, you need this: the USB Electric Shaver.

Peddled by the craptastic fantastic folks from Brando, it’s a fully-functional shaving razor that draws juice from your PC’s USB port.  That way, you can trim your beard, moustache, goatee and nose hair without ever leaving your reclining chair, nestled inside your little slice of corporate paradise (or hell, whichever the case may be).

The USB Electric Shaver features 37.8 mm dual cutters, hoisted atop a mouse-like 59 x 29 x 92 mm frame.  Brando claims that the extra-long blades, efficient cutter shapes and 102-degree cutting angle makes for closer, cleaner shaves.  It has a built-in rechargeable battery, too, so you can pull it out of the PC temporarily while trying to reach difficult areas (like, if you’re working on cleaning up that back hair or something).

It’s currently available in two colorways (Black and Red or White and Green), each one priced at $28.