USB Fishquarium Puts An Aquarium With Your Workdesk Essentials

Need something to amuse you in that drab cubicle you inhabit in the office?  Try the USB Fishquarium, a multi-function desk gadget with a built-in fish tank to help relax you during times of stress.

No matter how trapped you feel inside your dead-end of a job, a quick glance at a pair of goldfish imprisoned aboard an even tinier container should make you feel better.  Not because it’s a calming oasis, hell no.   Instead, it’s a nice reminder that some other creatures in the universe have it worse than you.  You’re still a lucky dork.

Aside from the fish tank, the USB Fishquarium integrates a desk lamp, an LCD clock and calendar, and a pencil cup.  That way, it won’t just sit as a decorative item on your desk, but act as a functional one, too.  The adjustable overhead light draws juice from a USB connection to your PC, while the clock and calendar requires its own set of three AA batteries.

The whole contraption measures 240 x 90 x 140 mm, with the actual tank having a 145 x 90 x 120 mm interior.  Tank has an installed set of multicolored lights to keep the aquarium illuminated, powered by the same USB connection for the desk lamp.  Gravel and decorative plants are included, along with the under-gravel filtration system.

Remember: no matter how crappy life feels, a pair of captive goldfish probably have it worse.  Let that reminder cheer you up every weekday with the USB Fishquarium, available for $39.99.

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