Got An Itch? Brando’s New USB Gadget To The Rescue

Soon, there will be USB gadgets for everything.  While we wait till the whole spectrum of human experience gets covered, you can sleep better with the knowledge that a USB gadget is now available to quickly take care of itchy mosquito bites.

The USB Itching Removal Instrument is a device designed to soothe the itching and swelling of bug bites, whether they be from mosquitoes, fleas or other bloodsucking winged creatures.  Presumably, it can help take care of other itching too, such as those from dry skin, rashes or crabs, but I suspect you’ll have a better shot visiting an STD clinic for that last one.

According to Brando’s sales page, it uses integrated “electronic and optical spectrum technology” to aid in the elimination of insect bites.  How exactly that works isn’t explained, though, so take it with a grain of salt.  Okay, a sack of the rocky crystal.

The device itself measures 130 x 40 x 52mm and weighs 60 grams, so it’s small enough to slip into a pouch for portable use.  If it actually works, it could be great for those excursions out in the woods, where bug bites and itchy limbs are practically part of the experience.  It can power up both via USB or through four AAA batteries, so you don’t need to bring a laptop while out and about.

Want to invest in more gadgets to keep in the attic for your future grandchildren to discover?  The USB Itching Removal Instrument sounds perfect for that purpose.  Brando has it for $15.