Plug It In My Tentacles: The USB Octopus

Got more gadgets than USB slots to plug them in?  That’s not a problem.  There’s a literal slew of USB hubs  designed for people just like you.  Only thing is, they all suck, because none of them look like an octopus.  Except this one: the USB Octopus.

Named for its eight USB-armed tentacles, the hub uses one limb for sticking onto your computer’s open port and the rest for plugging in your gadgets.  That means you can finally type on seven keyboards, attach seven thumb drives or plug seven iPods, all while using just one port on your USB-starved laptop.

The USB Octopus is, pretty much, probably pushing the limits on USB hubs.  In fact, I doubt any peripheral that requires a bit more power than a mouse or a thumb drive is likely to work with this.  That, however, doesn’t diminish the fact that it looks like a tentacled sea creature – always an awesome quality to have.  Unless you happen to be human.

Approximately 9.45 inches long, the cephalopod-inspired hub should serve you well if you like your USB ports flexible in all directions.  Plus, if it breaks for some reason, you can paint eyes on it and use it to replace your rubber ducky.  Bath tub time with a plastic and rubber octopus sounds… uhm… sexy.  Okay, it doesn’t.

The accessory only comes in one color, though: black.  Which really sucks, because non-USB octopuses are supposed to change color on a whim.  Thinkgeek has the USB Octopus for $19.99.

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