Cubicle Warfare Just Changed Forever With This USB Sniper BB Gun

Foam darts no longer satisfy your violent desires in the workplace?  Not a problem.  Just pick up one of these USB Sniper BB Guns and inject a new dose of excitement into your 9 to 5 life.

Sold by Japanese retailer Donya, the toy gun draws power from your computer via USB, allowing it to fire plastic BB bullets up to distances of 8 meters.  Whether you want to attack the intern sitting next to you or the dude competing with you for that promotion who sits a few cubicles down, this will do the trick.

The best part?  The USB Sniper BB Gun has tiny camera installed on top of the barrel, allowing you to scope out potential targets from an included app on your computer.  It can pan around on its platform, as well as move up and down, so you can attack everyone from the dude behind you, the girl two cubicles to your left, and the people coming out of the pantry to your right, all while your head stays buried on the monitor (so you look like you’re working).  Do note, the software is pretty rudimentary, so don’t expect a crazy wild game; peppering your officemates with 6mm projectiles, however, will probably make it extremely gratifying all the same.  The gun itself is tiny at 19 x 32 x 16 cm, so it should find space in a crowded desk with no problems whatsoever.

The USB Sniper BB Gun is available now, priced at around $100.

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