USB Squirming Tentacle Brings The Kraken To Your Desk


Tentacles are always awesome.  Moving tentacles?  Even more awesome.  Having multiple moving tentacles in your work desk?  Multiple times more awesome.  And you can have that entertaining you all day with the USB Squirming Tentacle.

Got a bunch of open USB ports on a laptop or on a USB hub?  Instead of sticking useful peripherals like an Air Multiplier Knockoff or a USB cup warmer into those,  simply plug in a bunch of these and bring a squiggly kraken into your cubicle.

The USB Squirming Tentacle is kind of like that old USB Humping Dog, which doesn’t really serve to do anything except amuse you by humping your computer. Since you’ve grown out of such juvenile humor, you need something more sophisticated and a tentacled electric monster seems infinitely more suited to your current level of maturity.

When plugged in, the tentacle will immediately begin moving, using electricity from the port to power the squirming motions.  Put a bunch of these on your USB Octopus Hub and have yourself a tentacled electronic monster right on your table.  Play some eerie horror sounds through your PC speaker and you just might have the most entertaining cubicle in the office.

Thinkgeek has the USB Squirming Tentacle available now, priced at $24.99.

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