USB Utility Charge Tool Is A Swiss Army Knife For The Modern Times

For most of us, Swiss Army Knives have lost their place in our pockets for daily use.  I mean, why would you really need a mini-knife, a mini-scissor and a mini-screwdriver head when you work in an office cubicle all day?  If you’ve been longing for something to take its place in your pocket, the USB Utility Charge Tool should make for a more useful contraption.

Instead of miniature blade tools coming out of its pocket knife body, the contraption features fold-out electronic connectors for charging your gadgets.  Basically, it’s a charging cable sans the cable part, giving you the means to charge  wherever you are without the mess of wires in your pocket.

The USB Utility Charge Tool takes on the classic Swiss Army Knife form factor, but trades in the usual metal construction in favor of plastics in bright colors.  It comes with four flip-out connectors – USB, mini-USB, microUSB and 30-pin connector.  To use, just plug the USB to a power source (like a wall outlet with a USB slot or a laptop’s USB port) and plug one of the other connectors to your gadget that needs extra juice, whether it be your phone, your iPod or your USB Misting Hairbrush.  The obvious omission, of course, is a Lightning connector, so iPhone 5 users will need to bring an adapter along.

If you have that extra space in your pocket waiting to be filled, the USB Utility Charge Tool should make for a handy and useful accessory.  It’s available from Fred Flare, priced at $20.

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