USB Wrist Band Fits Geeky Flash Storage Into A Sporty Bracelet


Wearable USB flash drives generally aren’t all that hot. The last one we saw, a pair of Calvin Klein shades with integrated storage, looked decidedly off-putting. These USB Wrist Bands, however, are a whole other story, able to fuse both fashion and function, without being tacky.

Created by USB Hub, the wrist-worn accessories look like colorful baller bands, at first glance. A closer inspection, though, will show a raised bump around the connecting area where the actual flash drive is kept. Pull on that and you’ll find the USB interface on one end of the bracelet dislodging from the slot on the other.


Sporting a rubberized exterior, the USB Wrist Band is available in numerous colors, with the surfaces either blank or printed with various text. Labels run a decent range of options, consisting of largely basic geeky cheekiness (e.g. “I’m a Mac,” “got memory” and “I am McLovin'”) and a few other designs (e.g. an “Irish” logo). Personally, I’d rather go with the plain ones just to avoid tainting something that’s fairly good-looking with unnecessary lameness, but your tastes might vary.

If you’ve been keeping your flash drives in a bag, pocket or lanyard, the USB Wrist Band should offer a more accessible alternative, while being a snazzy-looking accessory in its own right. Maximum capacity is only 4GB, though, so you may want to get a few pieces, in case you need to carry more. If you’d like to stretch the borders of sensible fashion (or want to stay a virgin forever), you can even string three or four of them together to form a choker around your neck.

They’re available now from USB Hub for around $15 for the 4GB variant.

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