Use The Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum To Clean Your Tent While Camping

A vacuum is probably one thing you never thought about adding to your camping backpack. What are you going to do, suck all the dirt out of nature or something?  Yes, it sounds silly. However, if you ever needed to clean out dust, dirt, and food crumbs off your tent, we can’t imagine an easier tool to bring along than the Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum.

A handheld vacuum cleaner, it gives you a compact tool you can use to clean out the tent while camping, allowing you to keep your shelter’s floors dirt-free without having to take out the groundsheet and dust it off outside. Just pick up the vacuum and start sucking through every surface, nook, and cranny like you do when vacuuming at home.

The Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum is a small handheld cleaner that measures 6.6 x 4.7 inches (length x height), making it reasonably compact enough to fit inside backpacks and whatever other bags you’re bringing to camp. It’s styled like any standard vacuum with a pistol grip, so it should be easy enough to use when siphoning dirt out from any part of your tent or gear that needs cleaning. There’s no word on what kind of motor is in this thing, but we imagine it’s the kind that should be strong enough to suck up dust and dirt, but not larger and heavier debris (like grass or pebbles), just like other similarly-sized vacuums. Basically, it should be fine to use at camp, but you’ll still want something slightly bigger for cleaning out your car (this one’s too small).

It comes with a bag-free design that swaps out the usual bag for a reusable dust bowl, which should be a lot easier to clean than a soft and squishy pouch. The filter is washable, too, so you just clean both out each time the bowl fills up (it fits 14 cubic inches of dirt) to get in tip-top condition.

The Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum uses the same rechargeable and swappable battery as the rest of the OneSource line, including their fan-equipped tent, heated stadium seat, and more. That way, if you use other Coleman OneSource products, you can power a bunch of your gear with the same battery modules, conveniently swapping them from one device to the next, depending on what you’re using. Like other OneSource devices, you can also use it as a power bank, so you can plug your smartphone in there when it drains out and you need to check a message in a jiffy. According to the outfit, a full charge of the battery is enough to keep the vacuum running for up to 40 minutes.

Since it’s designed for use in the outdoors, the vacuum has been built tough to survive any hazards it might encounter at campsites and trails. Specifically, the outfit claims it’s impact-resistant, so it should withstand knocks and bumps handily, while getting IPX4-rated water resistance, so it will keep running even when it gets splashed and spilled on.

The Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum is available now, priced at $89.99.

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