Use The Work Sharp Micro Sharpener To Keep Your Pocket Folders In Tip-Top Shape

If you carry a knife as part of your EDC stash, it’s only prudent to bring along a blade sharpener along with it. That’s the best way to ensure your knife will always have a sharp edge right when you need it. No, we don’t mean a large sharpening tool like the Sharpal, but a compact tool just like Work Sharp’s Micro Sharpener.

A pocket-sized multi-tool, the contraption is designed as a multi-function maintenance tool that you can use to touch up the edge on your EDC knife and tighten any screws that are starting to come loose. That way, your pocket knives will always be in tip-top shape, keeping them ready for any job you spring their way.

The Work Sharp Micro Sharpener is a pocket-sized tool that should easily find room in one your pants’ pockets, backpack pouches, or jacket pockets. It has a unique octagon shape (four short sides and four long sides) that facilitates a good way to grip the tool, whether you’re using it to tighten the screw on your Swiss Army Knife’s clip or freshen up the edge on your everyday pocket folder. One of the short sides get the bit holder, where you can pop in one of the included bits to loosen or tighten whatever screws are on your knife, while the short side right across it contains a lanyard hole, making it possible to use this as a key fob. The other two short sides are flattened out and can be used to stand the tool upright on a flat surface.

Three quarter-inch bits are included, so you can easily find replacements if you need them, all of which are stored in a flip-out compartment at the center of the tool. Just push the compartment out a little to get either T6, T8, or T10 bit, depending on the kind of screw your knife is put together with. It’s a convenient design that keeps all of the bits securely in place, ensuring they won’t accidentally fall off and lost somewhere without you being the wiser.

The Work Sharp Micro Sharpener also comes with two sharpening materials: a medium grit diamond rod and fine-grit ceramic rod. They’re, of course, on the small side, making them useful primarily for smaller pocket knives, as it can probably take a frustrating amount of time giving a large survival knife a fine edge using this thing. Truth be told, we’d probably use these rods for touch-ups and quick maintenance sharpening (you know, the kind you’ll end up doing on the road), rather than as a full-on treatment for a knife that just got dull from years and years of misuse.

It comes with angle guides right on top of the sharpening rods, by the way, to help you maintain a consistent angle whenever you need to freshen up your pocket knife’s edge.  Construction is stainless steel, so this should hold up as a regular inclusion in anyone’s EDC kit.

The Work Sharp Micro Sharpener is available now.

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