Uthermic Coldscreen Lotion Traps Body Heat To Keep You Warm In Cold Weather


Layering multiple garments is the simplest way to keep warm during cold weather. Problem is, too many layers can significantly hinder your movements, making it a potential problem when you’re hiking, snowboarding, or plowing through snow on a Mattracks Powerboard. If you want to cut down on the layers without succumbing to the chill, the Uthermic Coldscreen offers a solution.

A moisturizing lotion that traps body heat, it’s designed to keep your body up to 11 degrees Celsius warmer without adding any extra layer of clothing. Granted, that won’t be enough to let you brave the snow-capped slopes with just a shirt on, but it should be sufficient to let you dress lighter and more comfortably without having to suffer through the biting winter cold.


When rubbed on your skin, the Uthermic Coldscreen creates a thin layer of barrier that allows it to trap most of the heat that naturally escapes the body through the skin, making you feel warmer than you normally would. While it prevents the escape of heat, the barrier won’t hinder sweating, so your body isn’t likely to overheat while you’re in the middle of a hike or a ski run down the slopes. Its active ingredients take effect within the first 15 minutes, too, so you won’t have to wait too long before feeling the effects, with each application keeping you toasty for up to four hours at a time. The lotion, by the way, isn’t formulated for sensitive areas of the skin, so while the face and privates are off limits, it can wield its heat-retention powers most every place else.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Uthermic Coldscreen. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $15.

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