Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Oven Cooks Your Pizzas In 60 Seconds


It was four years ago when we first heard of Uuni’s wood-fired ovens, which allow you to enjoy genuine Italian-style pizzas at a fraction of the cost. Well, that original design has evolved a lot since then, with the current-generation Uuni 3 now boasting even more efficient function.

As with previous versions of the oven, the rig can be assembled and disassembled using just a single screwdriver, so you can quickly put it together in the backyard as well as break it apart for setting up elsewhere. It measures just 8.6 x 14.1 x 25.2 inches (height x weight x depth), too, so you can easily find room for it even in the smallest backyards, all while packing down into a box no bigger than a regular suitcase for convenient transport.


The Uuni 3 is equipped with an insulated body to maintain heat efficiency, allowing it to cook pizzas in just 60 seconds. It can heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes using the redesigned burner, which relies exclusively on cheap, fast-igniting, and energy-dense wood pellets for cost-effective cooking. Do note, the included cordierite pizza stone measures just 13.2 x 13.2 inches, so it can only handle pies with a maximum size of 13 inches.


Features include a chimney clip mechanism for easy disassembly, three legs for stability on most surfaces, and 439 stainless steel construction. Aside from pizza, you can also use it to cook meat, seafoods, flatbreads, and vegetables, making it quite the versatile addition to anyone’s cooking arsenal.

Available now, the Uuni 3 is priced at $299.

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