Uuni Is A Small, Affordable Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Wood-fired ovens always make the best-tasting pizza.  Problem is, the darn things are so expensive, they’re almost limited in use either by restaurants, rich people who like to cook their own pies, or regular folks who just unwittingly racked up a seriously unwise credit card debt.  The Uuni Pizza Oven offers a reprieve from the exclusivity, bringing accessibility to the traditional cooking machine.

Unlike regular wood-fired ovens, the Uuni is neither large, heavy nor expensive.  Instead, it’s small enough to be portable, measuring just 12 x 36 x 48 cm and weighing 5 kgs.  Despite that, it cooks your pies just like regular pizza ovens, ensuring you get to enjoy the same fantastic taste.

Billed as a smaller, faster and more affordable wood-fired oven, the Uuni finally allows regular folks to make crispy pies with that authentic smoky taste the way they do back in the home country.  And by home country, we mean Krypton (yes, we’re related to that dude who flies).  Construction is all stainless steel, so it should be quite sturdy for a relatively affordable backyard cooking appliance.

According to the product page, it works in near-silent operation, so you can cook your pie while catching some rest in the backyard with no problem.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to heat up and become ready for use, with the oven working continuously as long as you keep throwing in chunks of wood for fuel.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Uuni Pizza Oven is now currently under production with a May shipping schedule.  You can preorder a unit, priced at £180.

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