Use The V3 Pocket Bellow To Start Large Camp Fires Without Burning Your Face


Blowing into a newly-started fire to spur it to go bigger is something anyone who’s gone camping has probably done. With hot flames threatening to scorch your face and burn your eyebrows to a crisp every time you sidle in to blow a big gush of breath into the fire, it’s not always the most comfortable thing to do.   The V3 Pocket Bellow offers a less-precarious alternative.

A telescoping tube, it’s designed to let you breathe into the heart of a fire while maintaining a comfortable distance away from it. Yes, pretty much, any tube you have nearby that won’t melt in fire can probably be used to do the same thing, too, but this one can collapse into a 3.5-inch long tube that you can simply put in your pocket for easy retrieval whenever needed, making it the tube you’re likely to have with you when a fire-making situation arises.

Made by Epiphany Outdoor Gear, the V3 Pocket Bellow measures 20 inches long when fully stretched out, allowing you to blow into fires without putting your beard, eyebrows, or unusually large nose in peril. To use, simply purse your lips around the large end, then aim the narrow end onto the center of the fire. Aside from being safer, it should be more effective when it comes to starting big fires, too, since it focuses the air into a narrow stream, ensuring each blow strikes at the heart of the flames every single time.

The V3 Pocket Bellow is available now, priced at $12.99.

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