Vacuum Cleaner Museum Showcases 120 Vintage And Classic Dust-Sucking Home Appliances


All things that suck go here. No, not our website – we’re cool (well, we try). They go to Nottingham, England’s Vacuum Cleaner Museum, possibly the single most dust-free place in the world.

Yep, a real, true-to-life depository for everyone’s favorite dust-eating home appliance. Don’t expect a floor that looks like the home cleaning shelves of your local appliance store, though. None of that lame, robotic modern vacuums here. Instead, it’s filled with lines upon lines of vintage and classic pieces, dating as far back as 1919.


The Museum showcases a 120-strong stock of different brands and models of vacuum cleaners from years past. Only 62 models will be available for viewing at a time, a strategy that’s supposed to keep the collection looking “fresh.” A grant from The Prince’s Trust actually made the museum, along with the shop adjoining it, possible.


All pieces were acquired by its curator, 30-year old James Brown, who has been hoarding them since he salvaged a red Goblin 800 from the trash when he was eight. According to the namesake of the Godfather of Soul, he scours second-hand shops, clear outs and eBay to find his treasures, repairs them to working condition and marvels at them inside his home. He has spent as much as £2,000 for a single vacuum cleaner (an old Kirby imported from the US), with his expenses for the entire loot estimated at around £50,000.

Marvel at the history of sucking dust by paying the Vacuum Cleaner Museum a visit. Maybe show James your support by buying an item from his Mr. Vacuum Cleaner shop too, while you’re at it.

[via Telegraph]