Tiny VacuumClicka Can Vacuum-Seal Any Plastic Bag In Seconds


Sub-$100 vacuum sealers are already around, so we don’t really see the need for a product like the VacuumClicka in most homes. If you like to vacuum-seal food while you’re out and about, though (e.g. during a fishing trip), this might very well be the best way to get it done.

Described as a “portable vacuum gadget,” it lets you vacuum-seal food, without requiring the use of a dedicated sealer appliance or specialty heat-seal bags. Whether you want to vacuum-seal the meat of an animal you hunted, some fish you caught, or leftovers from a big lunch you couldn’t finish, this thing will let you do that with just a click and a few pumps.


The VacuumClicka consists of three components: a valve, a sealing clip, and a pump. You place the valve right on the plastic bag holding your food item (the lower half of the valve goes inside the bag and the upper half outside), with the clip sealing the top of the bag shut. From there, you simply take the pump, place it on top of the valve, and use it to draw air out of the bag, stopping as soon as it’s fully vacuumed. That’s it – your food is now safely vacuum-sealed.


It can work with any type of plastic bag, so you can vacuum-seal food you’ve only partially consumed in their own original packaging, whether it’s a pack of bacon or a bag of Jalapeno Chips. They’re reusable, dishwasher-safe, and can even be used for sous-vide cooking (up to 100ºC), so they’re plenty handy to have around for a variety of situations.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for VacuumClicka. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $22.

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