Valet Offers Steep Discounts, Curated Guides To Travelers

Some supervillains like to coop up in their holes, isolating themselves from the rest of the world.  Other supervillains like to travel the world, cutting deals and making moves that will put them on the top of the game.  The Valet is a new web and mobile service for that latter crew.

Unlike most online services that pimp travel deals, the website is refreshingly clean and professional.  There’s no mess of a layout with an overload of information, no Flash ads shouting deals at every corner and no eyesore discount offer — just a handsome website that’s easy-to-navigate to gain savings from your travel needs.

Billed as a “collection of hand-picked benefits and guidance,” Valet offers exclusive rates and rewards to luxury and boutique hotels for its members, along with perks like room upgrades, spa services and free internet (varies depending on the partner establishment).   Hotel list is currently small (80+ across 45 cities), although their roster is steadily growing and the discounts are impressive, going as much as 40% off on total cost (if you’re a frequent traveler, you can just imagine how that adds up).

Apart from hotel discounts, they also offer curated city guides so members get first-rate information to help with their stay.  Oh, and being a member doesn’t add any bulk to your wallet either, since there’s no need for IDs to show proof of membership — just whip up the official app from your phone and flash it.

The catch?  Valet is membership only.  Price is $199 per year.

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