Vamp Makes Any Speaker Wireless By Adding Bluetooth

You invested a small fortune in your audio system from back in the day.  That’s why you still use it even as everyone else in the neighborhood have upgraded to wireless streaming set ups.  If you’d like to bring some of that wire-free modernity into your entertainment gear without investing in new hardware, you need The Vamp.

A small device, it’s designed to magnetically attach to the speakers, so you can put it on top, on the side or on the back (unless the entire thing is made from wood, of course).  Once positioned, simply hook it up to the speaker (either by plugging the provided audio cable or attaching the wires to the speaker cable connector) and your 10-year old speakers can now stream music straight off your phone just like your Jambox.

The Vamp features a unique shape that makes it very conspicuous, so it won’t exactly blend in.  Instead, it should make for an interesting addition to your hi-fi setup — one that your guests will probably be curious about instantly because they have no idea what is, with absolutely no buttons on the body and only a small LED in the center indicating its even using any power.

Inside, the tiny speaker add-on has a 4-watt peak single-channel amplifier to help boost the quality of your tunes before sending them to the speakers for playback.  As of now, it’s only strictly Bluetooth (10 meter range), so no Airplay support for the Apple-lovin’ crowd.  The real catch, though?  It only plays mono sound (“of great quality,” according to the product page), so no proper stereo separation with this thing.

Currently, The Vamp is collecting pledges on Kickstarter.  You can reserve yourself one starting at £35.

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