VanMoof S4 Makes The Outfit’s Ebikes Simpler And More Affordable

We’re big fans of VanMoof’s electric bicycles, with their automatic gear shifters, near-silent hub motors, generous battery life, and robust security system. Problem is, they’re expensive as heck, which is why many folks still opt for more economical options. That’s why with the VanMoof S4, the outfit looks to make their ebike a more affordable option.

Billed as the outfit’s most “simple, accessible, and reliable” model to date, the commuter ebike ditches the more complicated elements of their standard models, replacing them with simpler components. Obviously, this helps a lot with lowering the cost of the ebike, although it also takes out more complex parts that can break down, which is why they’re touting it to be more reliable than their previous models.

The VanMoof S4 swaps out the three-speed automatic shifter for its previous models in favor of a two-speed automatic shifter, giving you just a lower gear for acceleration (very useful when climbing hills) and a higher gear for cruising at top speed. They also took out the torque sensor their other models use for pedal assist and replaced it with an adaptive motor support system, although it retains the Turbo Boost button for quickly pushing the bike to faster speeds. How fast? According to the outfit, it allows for top speeds of 20 mph, with four power settings allowing you to manage how fast the bike can go.

Maximum range for the bike is listed at 87 miles (when running in Economy Mode), although that can go down to as low as 37 miles if you ride at full power the whole time. Oh yeah, the battery is not swappable (and not even removable), so you’re not going to be able to carry spares for quickly getting back on the road. Instead, you’ll have to plug in for 4.5 hours to get a full charge or 1.5 hours for a 50 percent fill-up.

The VanMoof S4 does retain many of the security features of previous models, so this should be just as theft-proof as those more expensive ebikes. For instance, it uses the same anti-theft nuts and bolts, while also coming with Kick Lock, which allows you to lock the rear wheel with a literal kick. There’s tamper detection, onboard alarms, GSM location tracking, and even remote lockdown mode, ensuring you’ve got everything you need to keep your ebike safe. Do note, this model doesn’t have the built-in display found in their previous designs, instead opting for a phone mount on the handlebars, so you can use your phone to get real-time information about the ride.

Other features include automatic rider recognition, manual disarm, 27.5-inch wheels, a geometry that support riders up to 6’8”, and a total weight of 47.6 pounds. Available accessories include an extra battery that can mount on the frame (it adds 62 miles to your range), a front rack for transporting cargo, and a rear rack rated to carry up to 33 pounds.

The VanMoof S4 is available now, priced at $2,498. If you prefer an ebike with a step-through frame, they also released the Vanmoof X4 with the same features and price.

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