Snap Is A Feature-Packed Drone That Can Fit In A Corner Of Your Backpack


Unless you use those cockroach-sized quadcopters, drones aren’t the most convenient thing to transport. All the decent ones tend to be bulky, all while requiring careful packing to avoid doing damage. The Snap is a drone that breaks apart into easy-to-assemble pieces that let you carry it in a small pack.

Made by Vantage Robotics, the drone has rotors that can easily and safely detach from the fuselage, as well as quickly snap back into place using integrated magnet strips. That way, the whole thing simply breaks apart during crashes, distributing the energy absorption on impact to ensure minimal damage. Even better, the rotors are housed inside a guard cage, so it can crash into people or pets without taking nor inflicting any damage.


Snap measures just 14 x 2 x 9 inches when packed into its case, allowing it to squeeze into the corner of a backpack, with plenty of room to spare. Equipped for powerful video capture, it boasts a custom camera with a Sony Exmor IMX 377 sensor, 4K video recording capability, and 1080p recording at 120 fps, along with a micro-gimbal that adjusts the level at a rate of 7,000 times per second and a controllable camera pitch for more dynamic shooting. It’s a capable flyer, too, with a 30 mph top speed, 20-minute flight time on a single charge, auto-ground avoidance, and the ability to fly at up to 20 mph even in the face of strong winds. You can control it with a smartphone using the SmartTilt app (iOS and Android), although it’s also compatible with DSM two-stick controllers and Bluetooth game pads. Features include four camera modes, auto-tracking for drone-powered selfies, dynamic geo-fencing, auto-ground avoidance, and pre-programmed flight sequences for hands-free operation.


Available for preorder with a Spring 2016 ship date, the Vantage Robotics Snap is priced at $895.

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