Vaya: This Sporty-Looking Office Chair Claims To Be The Most Comfortable On Earth


If the Vaya looks like a seat straight out of an exotic sports car, that’s because it might as well be. The brainchild of Ken Okuyama, it’s fashioned by the same man behind the designs of the Enzo Ferrari, the 996-series Porsche 911, and the new-generation Maserati.

Billed as “the most beautiful, most comfortable” office chair, it combines striking aesthetics with a design that’s engineered for comfort in any position. Seriously, having this thing in your cubicle at work is like having an exotic in the office parking lot – the darn thing just stands out.


Instead of staying stiff, the Vaya is designed to follow your movements throughout the day with the utmost precision, adjusting to conform to every shift and change in your sitting position. It’s equipped to conform to every body type, too, so everyone, regardless of height or build, should find it beneficial. Nearly every element of the chair can be adjusted to your liking – the seat (height and depth), headrest (height and depth), backrest (tilt tension and limit), armrests (angle, height, and depth), and lumbar support system (height and depth) should all be easily tweaked via cleverly-engineered intuitive controls that are all accessible without having to get up from the chair.

Features include a shock-absorbing backrest (yep, that’s apparently what that robot-like thing in the back is supposed to do), a proprietary mesh for breathability, and large casters for gliding smoothly across all types of floors. Dimensions are 26.25 x 42.75 x 18.75 inches, with a weight of 60 pounds.

Available now, the Vaya is priced at $2,999.

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