Vea Sportive Mobile Watch Is The Only Gadget You’ll Need During Training

The Vea Sportive Mobile Watch looks like a red iPod Nano slotted onto a fancy, sporty band.  Only with more curves and a little more bulk.  And just a little more, too, in terms of features.

We’re not exactly sure if this is the kind of watch you’ll want to wear on a day out, but it does make sense for morning runs and afternoon gym workouts.  Not that we actually believe you do any of that, but isn’t it nice pretending you actually do some of those exercise thingies people are always talking about?

The Vea Sportive Mobile Watch is a training gadget that straps in a whole load of features on your wrist.  For your fitness activities, there’s a small 1.5-inch touchscreen that displays a variety of workout information, like time, distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned and more.

Since bringing an iPod and a cellphone creates complexities when you’re training, the watch comes with both an onboard music player and basic phone functionality.   You can make calls over Bluetooth, as well as pipe tunes saved on the 8GB internal storage wirelessly.  There’s also an SOS button you can push to send out your location and vital information, in case a man wearing a tentacle mustache springs up from the bushes and gives you a heart attack during your jog.

Unfortunately, the folks at Vea Digital thinks the Vea Sportive Mobile Watch actually “revolutionises the training watch,” for some reason.  As such, they’re peddling it steep when it launches July 14, pricing it at a hefty €499 ($722).

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