Vegetabrella Is An Umbrella That Looks Like Lettuce

We’ve seen umbrellas that look like swords and umbrellas that look like guns.  If you’re getting bored with the whole dressing umbrellas up like implements of war, maybe you’ll appreciate an umbrella that looks like fresh market produce.  That’s what you get with the Vegetabrella.

Made by Japanese outfit Tokyo Noble, it’s a compact three-fold umbrella that you can cram into a corner of your backpack or the bottom of your shopping bag, allowing you to always be armed with protection from the rain. After all, you never know when the weather gods decide to mess with you in what should have been a sunny summer afternoon.

If carrying an umbrella cramps your style, we’re not sure how the Vegetabrella will help your plight.  Unless, of course, you consider carrying a bundle of lettuce perfectly in-step with your personal style.  The canopy is done up like a real lettuce, too, complete with a gradient green color and wrinkled fabric that’s sure to stand out from the crowd.  Even the strap that lets you close up the canopy when folded down looks exactly like the tags wrapped around a lettuce when they’re lined up on a grocery shelf.

We can’t find details on make and actual dimensions for the Vegetabrella.  Then again, we doubt people will be buying it for any other reason than the awesomeness of a lettuce that can blow up into an actual umbrella.  It’s available directly from the Tokyo Noble website, priced at ¥4,725.

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