Veltop Gives Your Bicycle A Convertible Top

Bicycling is all hip and cool.  At least, until it rains.  You can always just strap on a weather-proof body suit, but that’s not half as fun as this solution: the Veltop.

As ridiculous-looking as it is functional, the bicycle accessory throws up a protective cover that will protect you from the onslaught of wind and rain.   You get a roof, windshield and even side windows with the assembly, allowing you to stay mostly dry (the entire upper body, save for the forearms, and 80% of the lower body, according to the website) while you pedal away in the rain.

The Veltop actually comes in multiple styles, each one designed to handle a specific type of open vehicle, such as bicycles, mobility scooters and recumbent bikes.   While each model gets custom mounting systems designed for that specific type of ride, the general design and function falls along the same line.

On the bicycle version, a windscreen (capable of handling wind resistance of 18 mph) is mounted to the handlebars.  Both the roof and side windows are clipped to the windshield’s edges, held up by folding tent-style support rods that taper down to the seatpost.   The company says no windshield wipers are necessary because of the slow speed bikes usually travel (uhm… yeah… probably a good idea to install one on your own, though).

Pricing for the Veltop starts at $358 for the Classic model, which should be adaptable to about 95% of regular bicycle styles, and tops out at $455 for the Recumbent version.