Venexx Perfume Watches Hide Fragrances Inconspicuously, Ready To Spray All Day


Need to smell good during inopportune times?  Designed for women who might need to freshen up their scents while on the go, this series of Venexx Perfume Watches let you keep a few dozen sprays of your favorite fragrance right on your wrist.

Styled like ordinary watches, the timepieces come with a filling kit (funnel, vial and pipette), which integrates seamlessly into the body.   There are four different models, with a choice of either 39 mm or 36 mm steel cases, able to hold 50 and 60 sprays, respectively.   To sprinkle the perfume your way, simply turn that protruding bezel at two o’clock downward and push down on the spray.

The dials themselves aren’t particularly noteworthy, which is a shame since a better design would have made these pieces a must-have for more women.  Despite that, they are extremely wearable casual accessories and don’t look all that different from most modern watches, with that atomizer looking more like an aesthetic addition than anything else.

Girls who want to carry as little as possible can save themselves from the hassle of bringing an extra vial of scent along with a Venexx Perfume Watch.  In case you smell good all day and don’t really need any freshening up, you can probably fill it with a pepper spray concoction for use as a self-defense weapon or some form of flesh-melting acid, if you’re in the mood to inflict some pain.  Price for the timepiece is between 110 and 150 Euros, with additional leather straps (crocodile look) going for 20 Euros apiece.  Each unit comes with a perfume sample.

[Venexx via Luxist]