Ventra Mainframe Puts A Space Between Your Body And Your Backpack To Keep You Cool And Dry


Despite what its name might suggest, the Ventra Mainframe isn’t a giant supercomputer for enterprise applications. That couldn’t be more far-off. Instead, it’s a clever backpack accessory designed to make carrying one a more comfortable affair.

A frame that puts a small amount of distance between your back and any backpack you’re hauling, it’s designed to give your back proper ventilation and additional support. Whether you’re carrying a small pack for a day hike, a camera bag with an axe pouch for a shooting (and tree-cutting) gig, or a bulky camping backpack packed with supplies, this thing will keep your back and the bag separated, so you can stay cool and dry the entire time.


The Ventra Mainframe consists of an aluminum frame with a fabric mesh suspension (nylon/polyester) that’s shaped to wear over the contours of a person’s back. It comes with integrated bungee cords for attaching to any type and size of backpack, snuggling between the pack and the shoulder straps, so you can use it with both existing bags and any new ones you plan to buy down the line. While the design looks like it can handle most any weight, the product page recommends keeping it to 60 pounds and under, which is probably best, since you’re a human, not a load-bearing robot. If you happen to be a robot, though, we apologize, although we doubt you’ll need this product because automatons don’t exactly sweat. It comes in three sizes: small (for 16- to 18-inch torsos), medium (18 to 20 inches), and large (20 to 22 inches).


Pricing for the Ventra Mainframe is listed at $75.

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