Need A Bookshelf, Don’t Have Floor Space? This Vertical Bookshelf To The Rescue


You need a bookshelf. Problem is, the only free space you have in the bedroom is that small corner where your tall pile of books are currently stacked.   Fortunately, that’s not a problem because this Vertical Bookshelf totally exists.

Rather than stand your books upright along a rack like usual, this bookshelf is designed to stack your books on small piles. Kind of like what you probably have on the floor right now, except less messy, since each pile is only a few books thick, making it easy to take one out without causing the whole tower to crumble.

Measuring 4.6 x 1.3 x 1.16 feet (h x w x d), the Vertical Bookshelf takes up just a square foot and a half of floor space, making it easy to squeeze into even the most crowded rooms. It uses a vertical skeleton as the main frame, with 11 shelves lined up in a straight file, eschewing the bulky cabinetry of traditional bookshelves. Construction is thin planks of powder-coated metal for the frame and shelves, making the entire thing practically disappear once the whole thing is filled with books. It uses a weighted base to keep the whole structure stable during use.

Available now, the Vertical Bookshelf is priced at $129.95.

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