Vertical Induction Charger For Xbox And PS3 Controllers Look Like A Spaceship

Inductive charging is cool; inductive charging on a device that looks like a spaceship is just priceless.  That’s exactly what you get with the Vertical Induction Charger, a cleverly-designed home charger for game console controllers that manages to be as geeky as the people who will likely use it.

Available in two configurations, you’ll need separate units to charge PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers.  That means you’ll have to buy both if you have both, which is kinda annoying.  But then again, if you have money for two consoles, you probably have money for two fancy chargers.  You Richie rich you.

The Vertical Induction Charger is a wall-plugged charger that can charge three controllers at the same time.  Just put the included 900mAh inductive batteries on the controllers, plop one controller on each of the three magnetic charging cradles and leave it there for five hours to get a full charge.  The whole time, it sits on your table like a fancy sculptural object right from a sci-fi movie that you stole from a booth at Comic Con. Just kidding.  You’re a rich twat, you don’t need to swipe stuff.

Each of the magnetic cradles have built-in LED lighting that illuminate while the controller is still charging.  Consider that downtime as your opportunity to finally get out of the house and live life away from a computer screen.  Or the chance to play with a new iPhone game.  Whichever suits your fancy.

Amazon has both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the Vertical Induction Charger, priced at $49.99.
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