Vertical Vinyl Player Spins Your Records On The Wall

A wall-mounted CD player makes for an interesting home gadget.  But what about all those vinyl records you so lovingly wasted all your college allowance on and have little use for these days?  Well, you can enjoy them playing flat against the wall too with the Vertical Vinyl Player.

Made by Ion Audio, it’s a real turntable for more stylish playback of your favorite vinyl platters.  And it really mounts flat to vertical surfaces, too, making for one interesting record player that should keep your ADD friends amused for a little over five minutes (maybe less if they didn’t take their medication).

The Vertical Vinyl Player is designed for mounting on walls, although you can still use it flat on a table like any regular turntable machine.  It’s built for 33 RPM records, but can handle 45 RPM using an included adaptor, with the speed easily adjustable via a switch on the panel.

In case you don’t like the idea of wires hanging like vines off your wall, that’s not a problem here.  The player has onboard speakers for standalone playback, as well as four AA batteries for drawing power, so there’s no need to tether with anything that dangles.

Aside from looking good up a wall, the Vertical Vinyl Player should save some precious space off your alreadty crowded tables, too, making it a stylish solution for crowded media racks.  Firebox has it available now, priced at £79.99 ($114).

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