Vertical Wall Garden Mounts Your Potted Plants For Easy Access

Your obsessive-compulsive tendencies have a way of taking over every time you see an empty wall.  Something just comes over and compels you to fill it up.  That’s why you’ve got wall art shelves in the living room, custom murals in the kitchen and gaming decals in the bedroom.  For blank walls in the backyard, balcony or patio, though, those things don’t quite sound like a good fit.  The Vertical Wall Garden should prove a lot more suited to the setting.

Designed to hang a garden up a wall, the contraption is a powder-coated steel grid for mounting multiple rows and columns of plants measuring 2 x 2 feet .  Mount the grid, line it with the included hanging pots and you’ve got a fancy hanging garden that’s as pretty as it is easy to access.  Brackets hold the grid two inches from the wall, so there’s enough breathing space for all the plants, too.

The Vertical Wall Garden set includes twenty hanging plastic pots that you can hook onto the various rows of the grid, each one measuring 5 x 4 x 4.5 inches.  You can line the pots anywhere on the grid, so you can arrange the cascading garden to suit any layout you want. The hanging design makes it easy to harvest herbs and small vegetables, saving you from the hassle of having to get down on your knees while working on the plants.

Since it’s just a standard metal grid with steel bars, you can also hang a bunch of hooks on the frame, so you can line  it with tools, umbrellas or whatever else you may need to keep within reach outdoors.  There are also optional fence brackets available if you’d like to hang the set on a fence.

You can get the Vertical Wall Garden from Gardener’s Supply, priced at $59.95.