Vertty Updates The Beach Towel With Fast-Drying Fabric, Unique Design

It’s probably no longer summer where you’re from, but who says you won’t win a vacation to some tropical paradise anytime soon?  Hey, it happens in the movies.  And when those tickets to a Carribean resort arrives any time soon, it should be a good idea to grab one of these Vertty Beach Towels along for the trip.

Clad in colorful geometric patterns, the towel is easily one of the most attractive beach blankets I’ve seen.  It’s also cut in an unusual angular shape, which makes the whole thing easier to fold compared to the plain, old boring rectangular towels you usually see laid out on the sand.  And, yes, it can still accommodate a hot bikini-clad girl sunbathing, so all the pros of a typical beach towel remains.

More than the stylish looks, the Vertty improves on traditional beach towels by using an innovative fabric called ketten.  Aside from lightening the weight of the towel by 30% (only 680 grams) compared to standard fabrics, it also wicks water considerably faster, allowing the whole thing to dry in very little time (hence, no more sand sticking to your wet towel).  A secret waterproof pocket comes integrated in the folds, providing a convenient spot to hide your cash, phone and keys discreetly while you take a short swim.   Dimensions are 185 x 100 cm.

The Vertty Beach Towel is available in nine different colors, priced at $89.90.

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