Electric Vespa Segway – Enough Said!!!

You love Segways. You love Vespas. Now, you can love them both in just one ride with the Zero Electric Scooter Vespa, an unholy union of the two lightweight motorized vehicles.

The brainchild of Spanish design outfit Bel & Bel, it’s a hand built vehicle that mimics the Segway’s form factor while liberally borrowing from the iconic Vespa’s design aesthetics. It’s one strange yet cool hybrid. If you’ve been toying around with the idea of buying a Segway, might as well get this one — it makes the goofy thing look at least just a little bit cooler.

The Zero Electric Scooter Vespa is made using genuine components from Piaggio, so it successfully retains an authentic Vespa feel, both in terms of looks and performance. It’s powered by a pair of 1.34Cv engines that push it to max speeds of 12.4 mph, with a battery range of up to 21.7 miles in a full charge. Unlike flimsy personal transport machines, it can ferry riders up to 397 pounds, as well as climb slopes at angles as steep as 30 degrees.

During operation, it stands in a perfectly stable position on its own, so no need to lean and balance your weight when riding. Features include adjustable-height handlebars, the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, and all the attention you can draw from people who can’t help but stare at your quirky Frankenstein of a ride with absolute amusement.

Available from Maxihobby, the Zero Electric Scooter Vespa retails for €2,995.

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