Vessyl Smart Cup Knows Exactly What You’re Drinking

Vessyl is a smart cup that can detect the kind of drink that’s poured into it. Whether it’s coffee, vodka, or Gatorade (yes, it can recognize brands and even flavors), this device can tell you before you even take a sip.

More than identifying the beverage in the cup, the device can also determine its nutritional information on the fly. All that data will then be sent into a smartphone app where you can check just how much watered down the draft beer they’ve been serving at the corner bar really is (not that you’ll stop drinking it — you’d just like to know).

Aimed at the same fitness set that rely on gadgets for their exercise monitoring, Vessyl gives people a way to get a detailed and accurate nutritional record of the stuff they drink throughout the day. It comes styled like a 13-oz travel mug, too, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go. Unlike other health monitoring devices, Vessyl can be informative even without looking at the app, since it comes with a vertical display panel that will spell out exactly the name of the drink it detects (should make for a cool party trick). The same display will also show a color-coded light that informs you of how much hydration you’ve had (and still need) throughout the course of a day.

Hidden inside the walls of the cup is a proprietary molecular sensor, which performs a reading of the beverage without having to come in contact with it. A motion sensor is also included, which is used to switch on the onboard display (it lights up everytime the cup is tilted).

Pre-orders for the Vessyl Smart Cup are now ongoing. Price is $99, with an early 2015 ship date.

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