Veto LT-XL Portable Office Puts A Laptop Bag And A Toolbox In One Single Sack


Blue collar guys carried tools.  White collar folks brought along laptops and papers.  Unfortunately, professional life for many engineers and technical workers is no longer that simple.  The Veto LT-XL Portable Office is a bag designed to fill both needs, able to hold laptops, gadgets and an assortment of hand tools all in the same sack.

Why carry two bags when you can fit everything in one?  That’s the idea behind the schizophrenic bag, which holds a bevy of slings and pockets for hand tools on one side (the handyman side) and a trove of compartments for delicate electronics on the other (the business side).

The business side has sections for a laptop, power cords, documents and a host of small pockets for handheld gadgets of all sorts.  On the other side of the magnetic carrying strap (yep, it’s quite a fancy handle) lies the handyman side, which offers provisions for up to 75 different hand tools.  That picture of the bag filled with implements on both sides just looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Of course, throwing all your electronics and manual equipment on a single bag means it’s going to be heavy as hell.  So good luck – that strong arm won’t be so strong after walking to a couple of nearby sites with this thing in tow.

Veto claims that the LT-XL Portable Office comes with unflinching protection for your tech garb, though, details are scant on what kind of durable security it offers since both sides of the bag look suspiciously similar in make.  Regardless, I’ve never really seen any bag that offered this much versatility for mobile workers who need to haul a little more than a laptop and a pocket screwdriver in their daily rounds.  It’s available from Veto for $224.99.

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