Veyo Mittyz Reinvents The Winter Glove For Kids Age 5 And Below


There are plenty of winter gloves available for small kids. Problem is, most of them are patterned after regular mittens, which isn’t always the best design for little kids. Not the case with the Veyo Mittyz, a new brand of winter gloves for children five years and under.

Always have a hard time putting mittens on your squirming, hyperactive kids? Not a problem here, since the gloves come with oversized cuff openings, ensuring they easily slide through over bulky coat sleeves without a hitch. Worried the mittens will come off while they’re sledding or throwing snowballs? Not a problem, either, since the gloves are unusually long and cinch halfway up the forearm, complete with a double-pull wrist strap and buckle closure to guarantee that it stays in place.


The Veyo Mittyz uses a thumb-less glove shape, which makes it even easier to slip on, opting to use a designated thumb pocket instead to help children maintain a good gripping ability. It comes in five colorful, kid-friendly designs, including a pair that look like hand puppets (dragon and penguin), one that looks like tiger paws, and a couple of girl-themed designs (butterflies and snow princess). Unlike traditional gloves that can be a pain to clean, these ones are designed to easily turn inside out for easy washing and drying. Construction is a synthetic fleece material that’s both warm and soft, so it’s perfectly safe for your kids to wipe their face with it while in the middle of play.


Available now, the Veyo Mittyz are priced at $39.95.

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