These Vibram Furoshiki Shoes Wrap Around Your Feet For A Custom Fit


The same company that first brought those weird toe shoes to runners now wants to bring them something even stranger: shoes that look like Japanese wrapping cloth. Really. Say hello to the Vibram Fukorishi.

Named after the aforementioned Japanese wrapping cloth, the shoes consist of a thin rubber sole with stretchy fabric panels welded to its sides. You wear it by placing your foot atop the sole and wrapping it with the fabric panels, which then secure together using integrated Velcro. It’s weird, it’s convenient, and it surprisingly looks good (well, better than toe shoes anyway). We’re not entirely sure how it performs, but it sure looks a heck of a lot of fun.


The Vibram Furoshiki uses the same sole design (Wave Grip) used in the company’s FiveFingers shoes, so it should offer the same high amount of grip that keeps it from slipping even on wet surfaces. With its stretchy fabric and wrap-around design, the shoe can adapt perfectly to any feet with or without socks on, regardless of whether your feet are narrow, wide as an ocean liner, or somewhat alien in shape. You can also loosen and tighten the fabric at your discretion, giving you footwear that provide the exact fit you’re looking for.


Construction is 100 percent rubber for the sole, with the upper cut from a blend of polyamide and elastane. The best part? The whole thing can pack flat, making it extremely convenient for travel.

You can learn more about the VIbram Furoshiki from Vibram’s website.

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