This Victorinox Chair Transforms Into A Three-Step Ladder


We all know Victorinox for their long-running line of pocket multi-tools, which bundle a whole bunch of functions in a single pocket knife. So when they tapped LA-based designer Stephen Kenn for a new furniture line, he focused on fashioning home pieces that doubled up on utility. The Stepladder Chair is easily our favorite of the collection.

Able to transform into a stepladder, the chair gives you a handy tool for reaching into high shelves, installing pendant lights, and hanging a bike rack up the wall. It’s got a comfortable angle, too, so even your kids can use this to grab a jar of cookie off a tall kitchen cabinet without any danger.


A part of the Victorinox Makers series, the Stepladder Chair has a sling seat that, according to the designer, will sit you down comfortably while encouraging proper posture, along with a matching sling backrest, so you can lean back and relax. When you need to get at something a couple feet higher than your reach, simply push the backrest forward, which will prompt half of the frame to follow and turn out the angled three-step ladder. Construction is powder-coated steel and aged vegetable-tanned leather.


The Stepladder Chair will retail starting September, priced at $1,800. Along with it, Kenn has designed a desk that doubles as a drafting table and a three-layer pivoting storage column that doubles as a full-length mirror.

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