Victorinox Venture Pro Puts Multi-Tool Functions On A Fixed-Blade Camping Knife

Pocket knives are great and all, but if you want the best combination of ergonomics and cutting power, the extended tang of a fixed blade knife just lets you get things done better. Of course, there are more tasks to do in the backcountry than just cutting, splitting, and slicing, which is where those versatile multi-tools truly shine. That’s why the Victorinox Venture Pro integrates a few multi-tool talents in its fixed-blade form factor.

Billed as a fixed-blade knife with “everything needed for bushcraft adventures,” the tool combines a full tang blade for serious cutting abilities with a selection of handy implements, allowing you to enjoy versatile accessory functions without the need for a separate multi-tool. From starting and growing fires to tightening hex bolts and removing splinters, there are accessories here designed to help you make the most of your time in the wild.

The Victorinox Venture Pro is a fixed-blade knife that doesn’t just have a full tang, but a protruding tang. That’s right, the tang extends past the butt of the handle, so you really get as much as leverage as possible when applying force during cutting jobs. It has a 4.1-inch drop point blade edge with a flat grind that, the outfit claims, make it stand out for precision carving, which is paired with a non-slip handle that’s shaped to facilitate a comfortable grip.

The knife measures 9.5 inches from tip to end, so this is not the kind of knife you’re going to put anywhere in your pockets. Instead, it comes with a sheath to keep the blade protected during transit, while a MOLLE-compatible mounting plate lets you clip it to your belt to keep the knife within easy reach any time you need it. Yes, the plate looks particularly bulky, but there’s good reason for that.

The Victorinox Venture Pro actually integrates the multi-tool functions in two separate places: the knife handle and the mounting plate. The knife handle houses the divot that you can use with a bow drill for starting fires, while the protruding end of the knife’s tang sports a hex hole you can use to hold a drill bit (the outfit sells it as an optional accessory), tighten a bolt, or tie it down to a lanyard (or some paracord). The mounting plate, on the other hand, comes with multiple integrated tools, including a fire steel for starting fires, a pair of tweezers for removing those splinters, a blow tube for growing a small fire, and a pressurized ballpoint pen for those times you need to write stuff down.

If you want even more functions, the outfit offers the Venture Pro Kit, which gives you a multifunction pouch designed to hold the knife and a number of bundled tools. It comes with a flat drill sized to fit into the knife’s hex hole and a pair of sharpening stones, all sized to fit in their own slots on the heavy-duty polyester pouch.

The Victorinox Venture Pro is available now, priced at $115.

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