Viliv X70: One Good Reason To Get Rid Of Your Netbook


The Viliv X70 isn’t the most feature-filled MID to hit the market, but it’s certainly one of the most compelling.  While primarily intended for mobile internet access, it’s really a full-featured PC that brings plenty of computing capabilities to mobile users.  Yep, the UMPC is all grown up.

Running Windows XP at the helm, the X70 comes with the Viliv “Cube UI,” a custom skin that offers a fast and attractive way to launch programs and applications.  Like a regular Windows PC, you can install programs and software to take advantage of the device’s brilliantly picked-out hardware set, apart from the pre-loaded applications it comes with out of the box.

What exactly can users do with it?

Web Browsing. Like all MIDs, the X70 is designed to provide an ultra-portable web experience.  You can browse sites, chat and watch streaming programs, along with other web-based activities.  For utmost convenience, it comes with both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

GPS. It comes with a fully-functional GPS hardware that allows it to be used as your primary in-car navigator once you install an appropriate software (e.g. Garmin Mobile PC or Trips).

VoIP Communicator.
Fitted with an integrated mic and webcam, it allows you to hold videoconferences over Skype (and similar services) anywhere you go.

Media Playback. Sporting onboard dual speakers, a 3.5mm audio port, video processing capabilities and a large 7-inch display (1024 x 600 pixels), the X70 offers capable music and video playback.

Run Software. Powered by a 1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU with integrated graphics, it can handle most any type of application that you normally run on a Windows XP netbook, from MS Office to simple games.  Input is handily managed by the physical side buttons, touchscreen interface and onscreen haptic keyboard.

With standby time of up to six days and five seconds instant-on capability, the Viliv X70 makes a worthwhile argument for getting rid of your netbook.  Unless you need to spend your day typing heavily on a keyboard, this is probably the only mobile computer you’ll ever need to carry.