Vinaerator Aerates Your Wine As You Pour

Aerating your wine the traditional way takes anywhere from 15 minutes onwards.  Skip that and you lose out on enjoying your vino’s full flavor.  While many gadgets (like the Cool Breather) promise to cut that time down, we doubt they can do any shorter than the Vinaerator, which aerates each drop of wine as you pour, so you can enjoy that wine with neither hassle nor delay.

Designed to be placed in the wine bottle’s mouth, the device processes the tipple first as you pour, infusing it with air similar to what will happen if you expose it on a decanter, before letting it out the nozzle.   That way, you get maximum flavor without going through the usual hoops.

Since it slots into the bottle’s mouth, the Vinaerator also doubles as a wine stopper, sealing off the whole thing when you’re not pouring.  The main feature, of course, is the aeration mechanism, which consists of a turbofan mixer that lets the wine breathe with just a pass, releasing the full flavor and improving texture in literally seconds.

If you’re a wine snob who can’t be bothered to act like a wine snob (i.e. doing the right things to improve the quality of your beverage) when you’re drinking alone, this tool will likely become your new best friend.  Of course, you can still hide it when you have friends over, so you can continue using a decanter while discussing how much more flavorful your favorite aged wine is when put through the motions.

The Vinaerator is available from Amazon, priced at $39.95.

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